Per Service / Provider Tab Indicators / Badges / Notications

  • Would be kind of nice to see a notification of how many new "Things" have arrived while working in another tab. Now, because these are most likely needing to either be polled or event based notifications (Sockets, Web workers, etc...) it seems like this would essentially be a "Tab Type" in which each tab could represent the specific provider for my current tab - (Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest, What the heck ever is accessible via async call) Then maybe we'd be able to see at a glance "Hey I have new messages or notifications without having to click in the tab?" I will submit a ticket for a dashboard specific feature related to this as well but it's a separate feature request.

    I've attached two examples for ideation and discussion.

    p.s. I'm a UX Designer and Engineer so I can mock up all kinds of stuff to see how it might be developed before actually coding, also saving time :)

    This feature would be a big time saver!


  • @Frankie-Loscavio Thanks for the idea and screens! :) Looks like it could be a nice time saver when there are many tabs with various web apps on them. I'll need to research if it's technically possible to implement a generic solution supporting most web apps. Added to the roadmap.

  • Even if there isn't a generic solution to capture all notifications within each tab, you could develop an app-specific tabs feature. For instance a specific Gmail tab.

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