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  • Would it be possible to add the ability to add details to a ToDo Item? I imagine this as a nested view of some form that is only visible once you open a specific ToDo Item. The ToDo List could be an Accordion component. A user could expand or collapse a ToDo List Item to add/edit/review details associated with the item.

  • Workflowy instead of ToDo
    my fav thing about Freeter it's not overloaded with features and it works fast.
    I would recommend to users like you enable Add Page and Add to them. I store 20.000 notes and to-dos there, still it takes less than 2 seconds to load the page and there's tags and only 4 items in the root folder, so you really can load your todos there and use in everywhere you go AND in Freeter.
    though someone might vote up for your feature request )

    for future I ight ask dev for deeper Workflowy integration, though it already works well

  • dadapotok - Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I came to the same conclusion last night and agree that not overloading Freeter is a good general direction. I am testing Workflowy now and like it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @bitmasher well, I'm glad it helped )

  • While cloud services are nice I hope there is always options to keep lists, text and other resources local to the project so it can be used offline. I also have possible needs where the content is not allowed to leave my system.

  • Another option would be that when you click a ToDo item a popup modal window shows the details.

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