Harvest Time Tracker - API Integration

  • I use Harvest (https://www.getharvest.com) heavily for project time tracking. I'd love to see an integration where I can use a timer to track my time per project. This would not only save me time, but make my time spent working more precise and accountable.

    Harvest API Documentation

  • @Frankie-Loscavio I've just did a quick research and found that they have an embeddable time tracker widget. Just put this url https://platform.harvestapp.com/platform/timer?closable=false into the webpage widget and it's on the dashboard. It also has default_project_code parameter which pre-selects the suggested project in the dropdown by its code. Example: https://platform.harvestapp.com/platform/timer?closable=false&default_project_code=GOOG123. Hope this will help :)

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