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  • I'd love to see integration for GitHub! If I could manage my repositories directly in the Freeter dashboard, I wouldn't have to switch programs as much & make updates more seamless.

  • Also--I know that I could probably set something up with the commander & Git Shell, I meant for visuals (similar to GitHub desktop).

  • @cravend Thanks for sharing the idea! It's impossible to integrate/embed desktop applications on another desktop application. However you can make it easier to open a specific repository in GitHub and save a few clicks.

    1. Add GitHub to the toolkit in Freeter
    2. Place Opener widget on the dashboard, and set it up to open a repository folder with GitHub

    When you click the opener button, it will launch GitHub and navigate to the selected repository. Or focus GitHub window it if it's already launched.

  • Ah, alright. Thank you!

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