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  • Can you please add Command + H to Hide Freeter within the Freeter contextual menu? Thanks.

  • @bitmasher Can you provide some more info on why doesn't the main hotkey (Cmd+Shift+F) work for you? It shows Freeter when it's hidden, and hides when it's visible and focused. You can also change the Cmd+Shift+F combination using the application preferences.

  • @alexk
    Cmd+Shift+F is default Make fullscreen shortcut working in all native Mac Apps.
    Cmd + H to hide
    Cmd + W to close
    Cmd + Q to hide
    Cmd + tab to switch apps
    Cmd+ 1,2,3... to switch tabs / zoom / change view modes
    It's the basics of the mac os interface ) Like cmd+c +cmd+v I dunno

    since 2007 I guess I've seen one or two apps where I couldn't use this hotkeys.

  • Cmd + H is not functional for me in v.1.0.0 on OS X Sierra (10.12.3). Additionally it is not listed as an available key command in the Freeter contextual menu.

  • @bitmasher I'm still running mac os El Captian 10.11.6, though all hotkeys I mentioned is a system hotkeys, that can only sometimes be overridden or customised by the apps. That's why this shortcuts are not listed twice usually
    0_1490692441307_Screenshot 2017-03-28 12.13.12.JPG

  • @dadapotok @bitmasher Thanks for the detailed info on the Mac Apps shortcuts! This will definitely make Freeter "more native". Added to the roadmap.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Done! The Hide Freeter/Hide Others/Show All options are available in version 1.2.0.

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